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International Logistics

MOZ Logistics is our sister company in charge of quoting 3PL services.  Jointly with reliable and efficient suppliers, we can provide Storage, Distribution, Ocean Freight, Air Freight and Inland Freight Services.

The easiest way to buy the entire chain of supply with a single contact and to move your cargo from point A to point B seamlessly and most importantly, without additional costs that affect your company’s performance.

Why choose us?

We see your project as our own, we will guide and grow with you side to side.

Our company is committed to service taking into account your logistics timelines and providing timely follow-up each step of the process.

MOZ Logistics is able to work with goods for different types of industries:

Automotive and Spare Parts,
Household Appliances,
Machinery and Special Equipment,
Raw Materials,
Plastics and Miscellaneous Products,
Special Projects for any type of industry,
Wines and Spirits

Logistics Services

Ocean Freight

We work with the main shipping lines as a logistics company, which allows us to offer containerized cargo transportation services, with high quality service and vessel space.

Cross Docking

In order to have a competitive advantage that represents a better positioning in globalized markets, the flow of products through the storage and picking points must be carried out as smoothly as possible.


Storage is a part of logistics that includes activities related to warehousing; specifically, storing and safekeeping goods for a period of time.

Consolidation and Breakbulk

Consolidation transactions must be carried out at authorized cargo terminals or bonded warehouses or other areas of operation authorized by the Customs Service

Inland transportation

We offer pickup, transportation and delivery services throughout Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Air Freight

Door to door air freight service, allows you to receive your goods faster.

Frequently asked questions

FCL shipments are used when a conventional container can be filled by the same client for transportation
LCL freight forwarding services are required when a client has not enough cargo volume to fill a container, so the transportation is cheaper in groups or consolidated, since several cargoes are gathered in a single container to be delivered to several clients.
If you are a small or medium sized company and have not enough inventory to fill a standard container, then LCL is recommended as the most cost-effective method of transportation. If you are a company with enough stock to fill a container, then FCL is the way to go.

For more information, please feel free to contact us for a study of your cargo so we can recommend what is best for you.
To make a reservation you will need to provide us with the following:

*Address of shipper, including zip code and contact information.

*Address of receiver, including zip code and contact information.

*Description of goods to be carried, including weight and dimensions.
It is always better to be safe than sorry, given the current climate of piracy at sea you are never safe, a marine insurance will cover you against damages incurred during the voyage in the worst-case scenario.
Multimodal transportation is the shipment of goods by various means, i.e. sea, rail, road.