Moz Agencia Aduanal Background 5 Your Global Agents MOZ accumulates more than a 100 years of experience as a customs brokers, and has expanded its offices to be present in Mexico’s main ports of entry. About Us Our Services We are ready for your shipment Moz Agencia Aduanal Background 3 Working capacity
in Various Industries
We keep our staff permanently updated on the Laws, Regulations and Rules on Customs, Fiscal and Foreign Trade matters. About Us Industries Innovation and Flexibility
Moz Agencia Aduanal Background 4 We are experts in Customs Brokerage MOZ accumulates years of experience and management of multiple industries that make its service reliable and above the standard. About Us Services We are ready for your shipment
Your expert in customs logistics with more than 100 years in the market

About MOZ Logistica Aduanal

MOZ Customs Brokerage Agency is committed to the quality, safety, legality and transparency of its services, while contributing to strengthen the international trade logistics chain by implementing the standards set forth for Authorized Economic Operators (AEO), as well as by carrying out preventive actions aimed at identifying and preventing any type of illegal activities.


We invest in developing tools for our clients through our IT team.


Our vast experience in the business allows us to adapt to any circumstance.


We invest in developing tools for our clients through our IT team.


Our vast experience in the business allows us to adapt to any circumstance.

We are ready for your shipment

Technology within reach of your business

MOZ Agencias Aduanales offers a specialized team of professionals of information technology who are constantly developing tools for processing, documenting, tracking and measuring foreign trade transactions.

In addition, we have developed our own Customs Brokerage Agency Specialized System (SEAA), with which we can provide our clients with customized reports to meet their specific needs.

Consultation of customs clearance-related documents
Customized reports for our clients
Transactions per Year
Our solutions are suitable for all industrial sectors

We offer logistics solutions for all industrial sectors

Our logistics are suitable for the supply chain of any industrial sector. We address our client’s logistics needs with the support of our teams based in Mexico and abroad.

Ask for a quotation and receive information on the benefits we have to offer.


Different transactions of bulk steel, scrap, piping, among others. We specialize in the steel industry and classification of steel products.

Automotive Industry and Spare Parts

We meet the highest standards of quality and speed for an expedited release of your units or spare parts.

Plastics and Miscellaneous Products

We distribute to wholesale and retail markets. We provide services to several clients with a wide variety of products.

Solutions for each type of industry

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We address our client’s logistics needs

Strongly committed to our clients

Efficient Delivery of Goods

Value Added Services

Customer Service

Exclusive Apps for Clients

Transaction Follow-Up

Entrega Eficiente de Mercancia

Servicios de Valor Agregado

Atención al Cliente

Apps Exclusivas de Clientes

Seguimiento a Operaciones

Legal Blog and Market Updates

Latest News

Read the latest news of the foreign trade industry


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